For most kids the transfer from elementary school to high school is pretty scary or at the least very exciting! From their daily routines, their teacher that knows them very well and their own seat and desk in their consistent classroom they switch to a system of constant change; every lesson is in another classroom with a different teacher, different classmates and no guarantee you will be setting at the same desk every time. And above all this they also have to learn to plan and organize a whole stream of homework coming at them from day one.

Most kids adapt fairly quickly, but kids already struggling with various social or communicative disorders, like ADHD or autism, tend to have an incredibly hard time in this new system. When the signals that they are struggling to get a grip are not quickly noticed they have a good chance of getting in a downward spiral leading to dropping out of school or serious health issues.

The serious game A.L.I.B.I. is part of a program that helps these kids prepare for some of the new skills they need to adapt more easy. The program is started in the last year of elementary school and is played preferably just before the start of the summer holidays after which they will go to their new school.

In the game they are a special agent working for a top secret bureau that investigates, tracks down and apprehend illegal aliens that come to earth from all around the galaxy. Unlike the other extraterrestrial visitors, these aliens have committed various crimes and are now hiding in a human disguise among men. Some aliens choose a secret identity on a high school and the player is just the right person to go to these schools in an undercover mission. Something like a mix between Men in Black and 21 Jumpstreet!

Project details
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie
Erasmus MC
Serious Game
In development
My contributions
Concept, Art Direction, Character Design, 3D Modelling, Animation, Game Design, Interface Design, Sound Design, Writing, Unity Asset Development
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