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Welcome to the personal portfolio of Paul Bierhaus

“I have never tried that before,
so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”       

Over the years I have thought over a thousand times about that famous Pipi Longstocking quote. It provided me the complete naïve bravery to think I could draw, animate, compose, design or program "that thing" myself. Turns out, if you think and do that often enough you become adequately proficient to do most of those things in some capacity.

That quote got me through art academy, trying my hands on illustration, animation, creative writing concepting, sound design and making (awfully noisy) music. It helped me grow during my years at &Ranj, trying my hands on interfaces, serious game design and building stuff in game engines. It propelled me during my years at YipYip, trying my hands on app design, doing pitches and presentations, managing projects and developing a deep relationship with the Unity game engine.

And here I am today, trying to launch my own game company and animation studio. Wicked times ahead! So this website is mostly for me, looking back on some of the coolest projects I was lucky to be a part of.

Selected works 2008-2023


Studio Brain Muffin

Step into the shoes of adventurous women forgotten by history. Experience their hardships and victories, taking players on a journey around the world and into different cultures.

Plan-it Commander


A serious game that aims to improve the skills of children with ADHD so they are able to better function and feel more content.

Personal Vision


Personal Vision is an app based upon the trainings of &Samhoud that help people define who they are, what they stand for and what their goals in life are. This app focusses on the first part of the training, defining your core values.

Comfort Crisis


A serious game to educate and enthuse children between the age of 10 and 14 for the technical installation industry, focussing primarily on electro, ICT, cooling, warmt and water techniques.

A Distant Journey


The philosophical animal stories by famous Dutch author Toon Tellegen are brought to life in the app ‘A Distant Journey’.



A game that helps socially challenged children prepare their transition from primary to secundary education.

Vil Du?!


VilDu?! is a safe environment to experiment with intimacy and sexuality. It offers children a non-verbal communication tool that may help them to talk about fun, awful or tough experiences.

Grip | Diabetes


A serious game for kids who just learned that they were diagnosed with diabetes, teaching the effects of eating too much or not enough sugar and when and how much insuline should be taken at certain moments.

Fabian's Party


A playful app in which children can decorate their own party boat and arrange their own party band consisting of a wide variety of musicians and musical styles.

Holy Cow


Aliens got stranded! Only raw, freshly extracted cow milk can be refined to produce the delicate fuel needed to leave this planet. Retrieve as much cows as you can.

Nibble's English Lab


Helping children train their english skills with fun animated language exercises based on learning and training material used by teachers and speech therapists.

Undisclosed project


App idea for an excellent writer who started work on creating small poems and wisdoms that needed to be shared with the world. We had the honor to find a way to do this through the many possibilities apps offer.

Check out!

Games Factory Online
IT Workz

Checkout is a point and click adventure game in which beginning English students need to cooperate to find their way through several missions. The game is designed in such a way that 2 or more players are needed to find all the clues and items that are required to make progress.


Student project

A fun and storybook like prototype for an arcade game we developed in our free time.

Green Shipping


Shipping simulator for deck officers and shore management that trains to plan and operate the ship while being conscience of CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and time of arrival.