Green Shipping Sim

The Green Shipping Simulator was developed for deck officers and shore management of mainly the UK dredging fleet. The simulator is made in the form of a game, whereby the user controls a ship. While planning his trip and operating the ship, he is faced with the consequences of his actions on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and time of arrival in a fun and intuitive way. The game is competitive and urges the user to think how to operate most efficiently.

Under the bonnet of the game are the physical hydrodynamic relationships that have been measured in service conditions. The savings that can be made in the game are therefore realistic and can be obtained in real-live as well.The speed and power relationships are based on full scale trials in 2010 on a 100m UK hopper dredger. The map and destinations are based on nautical maps. The fuel consumption and possible savings in the game are therefore realistic.

Project details
Serious Game
My contributions
Art Direction, Animation, Illustration, Interface, Asset Development
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