Comfort Crisis

Comfort Crisis is the third episode in the reasonably succesful Professionals trilogy, a series of videogames designed to educate and enthuse children between the age of 10 and 14 for the technical installation industry, focussing primarily on electro, ICT, cooling, warmt and water techniques.

With comfort crisis we wanted to show kids what the value of technique is for every day life, for example how much of the average household is driven by water, electro, warmth and IT techniques. In the real time multiplayer puzzle-adventure game kids take on the roles of four tech-heroes, each representing one of the four technical expertises. By working together and deploying their various technical skillsets they have to restore everyday locations back to their working state and grow from everyday technicians into super-technicians. By playing several missions, they not only learn what drives an average household, but also an office, a swimming pool or a train station.

The game was designed as an addition to the usual technique lessons given on schools. Shortly after the launch, the game was also adapted as a board game by Netwerk6.

Project details
Serious Game
My contributions
Art Direction, Illustration, Character Design, Interface, Animation, Asset Development