Fabians Feest

For the Childrens Book Week we developed a companion app to the new picture book Fabians Feest by Marit Tornqvist. The book tells the story of the young boy Fabian who will join his mother to a party. While the mother is busy with the preparation the boy starts fantasizing how incredible the party just might be.

After Land of Mislaid we decided that appifying the book as a whole would not be the right approach. So from all the wonderfully imaginative pages Marit drew we choose our favorite, the river made of lemonade, and created a fun concept around that page.

The game became a playful app in which children can decorate their own party boat and arrange their own party band consisting of a wide variety of musicians and musical styles. The book and app were launched together to great success and it is still being read and played today.

Project details
Querido Kinderboeken
WPG Kindermedia
Marit Törnqvist
Picture book compendium app
My contributions
Animation, Game Design, Sound Design, Music
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