Nibble's English Lab

After having a lot of succes with the launch of Bru-taal in the Netherlands we decided to bring the concept to English speaking territories. But we wanted to give the franchise an overhaul, making it a bit richer and more appealing for a casual market. So we set out on a new journey, named our main character Professor Nibble and are currently developing the game for Unity.

The main activity in the game is still a set of multiple answer questions based on learning and training material used by teachers and speech therapists normally work with so that the app would instantly be attractive to use in their sessions with the children. The exercises are in an ascending difficulty but the app also tracks what subjects are more difficult for a child so that they can get extra extra playtime within that theme. This time we introduced a new character to the game, called the heart thief. These creatures are hidden in the levels with content with which the player has been struggling and can be catched by completing the level. As a reward the player wins back a heart the little critter stole.

These hearts can then be used to play two simple minigames, minigames are accessible as long as the player has hearts. Although we are actually not a big fan of incorporating mini games that have nothing to do with the educational content, the feature was introduced based upon a lot of conversations with teachers and speech therapists based on their experience with Bru-taal.

Once again all the progress of the players is tracked and visualized in several statistics to help teachers and parents keep track of how their kids are doing.

The game will be out on iOS and Android when we are finished!

Yeah well, due to unfortunate circumstances the game will probably never launch ever never ever. Too bad!

Project details
Self published
Serious Game
My contributions
Art Direction, Illustration, Animation, Interface, Sound & Music Design, Game Design, Unity Asset Development